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Kristine Kathryn Rusch

International bestseller Kristine Kathryn Rusch wrote seven books featuring the Fey before traditional publishing issues in the United States stymied her. The extremely popular series became a bestseller in multiple languages, including French, Italian, German, Polish, and Czech. When the first book, The Sacrifice, first appeared in the United States, it was hailed as one of the best fantasy novels of the year. Rusch took an unintended twenty-plus year hiatus from the Fey after completing the second full mini-saga. Spurred by a successful Kickstarter for a novella featuring the Fey, she dove back into the project. She explains her journey back to the Fey in Lessons from the Writing of The Fey. All seven of the books are back in print through WMG Publishing, and have garnered new readers worldwide. Rusch recently published the novella, The Reflection on Mount Vitaki, and has completed two new novels, with a third underway.

Rusch writes in many genres, from science fiction to mystery, from western to romance. She has written under a pile of pen names, but most of her work appears as Kristine Kathryn Rusch. Her Kris Nelscott pen name has won or been nominated for most of the awards in the mystery genre, and her Kristine Grayson pen name became a bestseller in romance. Her science fiction novels set in the bestselling Diving Universe have won dozens of awards and are in development for a major TV show. She also writes the Retrieval Artist sf series and several major series that mostly appear as short fiction.

Rusch broke a number of barriers in the sf/f field, including being the first female editor of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction. She has owned two different publishing companies, and she is an in-demand speaker about business and craft. She also writes a highly regarded weekly publishing industry blog. Find out more about her work at kriswrites.com, and more about the Fey at thefeyseries.com.

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